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[icon] Notes From the Present Incarnation
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Time:10:21 am
so, i have a hair update: i'm seriously thinking about getting dreads. seriously!!

i just need to get myself properly psyched up for it. but i think i'm going to do it!!

i'm getting braids for 3 months or so, then when i take the braids out i might just get my starter locs put in. one of my friends (she did my hair for prom) has been punting the idea in my direction for over 11 years -- she'll probably flip when i ask her to do my starter locs.

the worst that could happen is that i do it and i dont like it, then i'll have to cut off all my hair and i'll get that short short short style ive always wanted but have been too chicken to do. so stay tuned.

in other news, last summer iannelli challenged me that if i got down into a size 4, she would too :P i'm like an 8 now? could be a 4 by fall if i quit relapsing into rum & raisin ice cream and payday bars? we'll see.
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Current Music:Liama - Cirque du Soleil, La Nouba
Time:03:04 pm
holy moly, I haven’t posted since November?! for heaven's sake... let me try to summarize what's been going on. this wont be chronological...

most important news first: our JB is now a married man! (DUDE!! you're married!) I went to the wedding festivities last weekend is s. carolina, where it was a lovely 60something degrees and sunny and much more desirable than the 20something temperatures we've had in NY.

I saw: the Citadel, lots of palm trees, slave quarters on a plantation (though unfortunately I didn’t get to go inside), a Piggly Wiggly's, several young black women with tattoos on their wrists (is this a new trend?), the cooper river bridges, JB in a tux, the marketplace in downtown Charleston, way too many confederate flags, the cop who gave me a speeding ticket, Linda (a Gullah woman who gave me a great deal on a traditional handmade sweetgrass basket), the beach, some guy windsurfing, lauren & matt, Charleston nightlife, and a whole bunch of other stuff. And, best of all I saw JB's ears turn fire engine red when it came to the part in the ceremony where he had to kiss Larissa. How sweet! (I hope I won't have to hunt her down years from now...)

The reception was an entertaining affair held at a beach house. I didnt dance. No, I sat back and watched the show :P Afterwards I went with a couple of others to a nightlcub/bar where we made our own afterparty. LI & MI couldnt be pried out of bed to join us -- the bums.

My return flight was miserable but all in all I had a good time. I need to go back again and do all those walking/carriage tours I didn’t have time to do this time. My unofficial FH picked me up from the airport, and he came to the RIGHT airport this time (thank god) so that was cool.

In other news, the Kennedy's are new parents as of December. My new niece's name is Mikiya, which, I think, is a combination of her parent's names (Kisha and Michael).I was supposed to spend a weekend in TX with them but I just couldn’t make two trips happen back to back, so I've postponed. Maybe in the summer I'll go.

The apartment is still not done, seems like it will NEVER be done, and has me crying for it to be over already! We still have to paint and refinish the floor. nooooooooooooooo! make it stop! Also, the city is about to double my property taxes, which is probably a good way to turn me into a frothing-at-the-mouth rusty-knife-wielding psychopath right now.

Seltzer water is still my drink of choice and I could go on an on about it for days. That really has nothing to do with anything except that I'm sipping some as I type this :P

Miss Janet got her car back, finally.

I cut off half my hair a few months ago. Alicia said it would grown in fuller if I did that. So I said fine, it's just hair, it'll grow back, right? She also said I need to quit waiting 4 years before I come back to her to trim my ends. So, that's that. I like the short look, actually. I wouldnt have had the balls to cut if she hadnt recommended it. Now, though, if the condition of my hair is any indication, I'm apparently stressed out or not getting enough vitamins. It gets dry, and that one spot always tells the tale.

I got my sister addicted to TURBO JAM! She used to look at me askance when I would get up and 5 in the morning to work out but now every time I look around she's made off with another one of my DVDs. Her yoga mat has taken up permanent residence in the living room... we're gonna have to talk about that...

My exercise routine is, at the moment, shot right to hell. I haven’t been doing much. There, I admit it. I'm blaming it on Halloween/Thanksgiving/Xmas/Kwanzaa/New Year's... yes, all of that. I've stalled. I need to get back into it before all my hard work becomes undone.

Also, I've been dating. I guess my pendulum is swinging back to the "back on the market" side. I haven't met anyone I'd want to pursue exclusively yet. If all else fails I have my backup plan: If I'm not married by 32 I'm going to give my unofficial FH a month's notice to get himself together and meet me at the far end of the aisle :P

My brother is either too busy to return my numerous phone calls and emails, or he's avoiding me. If the latter, I will be seriously pissed off. I haven’t seen my nieces in ages. People at work keep asking when I'm going to get new pictures of those girls (their pics are on my monitor and bulletin board).

My sister got her nose pierced, finally. She's been talking about it for months. Of course she wanted me to get one too, but I'm too old for that. Although I would probably look rather cute with a nose ring, the only other thing I MIGHT consider piercing now are my navel or ear lobes. I don’t think my dad has noticed the yet...

I've been looking for a place. It'd be lovely to live in my own place in a year. I saw a promising apartment but it didn’t go very far and I'm convinced it's because the realtor took offense to me asking if someone else could show me the apartment (she was going on vacation for a week and a half) and dragged her feet. So, don’t ever work with Nicole in the Foxtons NY office.

My immediate family is in good health, for which I'm thankful. My dad is FINALLY getting around to his doctor's appointments. I've never met a more hardheaded man in my life! My little brother is doing fine. Had lunch with him a couple times. I dont see him often enough.

After much cajoling I got FH to go with me to see an Alvin Ailey dance performance. He swears he's never going anywhere with me again but I know better. I think he secretly liked it :P Will start wearing him down from now to accompany me to a Dance Africa performance in May.

My iPod is broken. Well, it fell and now the computer cant communicate with it. So it's broken. I have to replace that and get a better cell phone. ugh.

anyhoo. more later. carry on!
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Subject:yeah, i'm crying over pants, so what
Time:12:00 pm
so, my three favorite pairs of pants got completely ruined by bleach last night. don’t ask me how bleach got in my laundry, and don’t ask me why non of the other less-important pieces of clothing in the same load weren’t even touched by bleach, all I know is that my slacks are all fucked up. so I’m crying. and I’m calling every gap, esprit, and charlotte russe in the tri-state area to see if anyone has replacements. calling the outlets, too. and looking online. nothing so far because these were all last season and I got them on sale. even on sale they weren’t cheap. UP TO LAST FRIDAY I SAW A FEW PAIRS ON THE RACK AT ESPRIT. I’m so fucking irritated and upset. I find some pants that fit PERFECTLY and they're ruined. can they be dyed back?? part of me knows they’re just pants, but who cares about that when my favorite and irreplaceable pants are freaking ruined??
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Time:01:38 pm
not sure if i mentioned this but i got a bogus ticket from the NYPD claiming i was double parked the day i went to help my sister move. i say it's bogus because i WAS double parked for about 5 minutes before the cops told me to move and i immediately moved my car to a meter around the corner and came back to stand in front of the building only to watch the same cops crawl up and down the street looking for ppl to ticket... but i digress, the ticket had the wrong date and listed a time when i would have been at work. PLUS the first time i saw the damn ticket was when the overdue notice came in the mail $125 which included a late fee because i didnt pay on time for a ticket i never even knew i had. needless to say i was extremely pissed off, plead not guilty, wrote them a long letter venting, and basically said i was a victim of a scam to generate $$ from bogus tickets (or it coudl have been a mistake but i doubt that).

so anyhow last week they wrote me another letter saying i could settle by paying a mere $90, or i could let a judge review my case and end up paying all $125 or nothing. ha! and again i say HA! F@#$@CK 'em. i'm not accepting their lesser charge, those corrupt, thieving bastards.

i'm just sorry i neglected to mention in my letter that after i parked at the meter and came back around the corner to wait in front of my sister's building i observed 2 guys pull up in a NY SANITATION TRUCK (yes the one with the huge garbage compressor at the back), park IN FRONT OF A BUS STOP, after which one of them hopped out and went to the LIQUOR STORE (which is right there by the bus stop), bought beverages for himself and the driver (conveniently hidden in 2 brown paper bags) that they opened up and indulged in before driving off, DRINKING.

and they want lie and give **ME** a fake ticket?!?!
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Subject:mail guy
Time:03:13 pm
The guy from the mailroom is starting to annoy me and it seems like the only thing I can do about it is to studiously ignore him. He’s one of those people that are always looking for attention. As if, maybe he used to be the class clown in middle school and didn’t realize he was supposed to outgrow that a little bit?? He’s like 40 now.

You can always hear him from a mile away because his sound effects precede him -- bird calls, kid/cartooney laughter, stumbling sounds, sounds like he just avoided smacking into the wall, fart sounds -- the list goes on. He’ll announce himself with these crazy sounds or, if he's walking up behind you, he's sure to make some kind of noise that would startle the average person and make them turn around. Then of course he’ll laugh it off all goofy and the other person is suppose to be all “man, you’re so crazy!” He loves that. It’s a vicious cycle.

When it isn’t the sound effects he will literally stop in front of you and do the running man or some other crazy dance. If not that, he's asking you for a pen, pencil, stapler, and paper clip -- anything that he can use to segue into a conversation. And he LOVES to talk. About his project, his music, his audio/video side business, the website he wants to launch, some crazy thing that happened to him, some crazy thing his daughters did. Regular things will set him off on a bragging spree about how much money he let his wife spend on the new living room set, how much he saved by cleaning his furnace himself, the latest thing he's doing for some client or another. Or he’ll just stand there and do whatever until you look up and notice him.

Then, of course, he loves to try and snare all the rest of us black folks into his lunacy. LORD HAVE MERCY!!!! WHY does he act like this? The embarrassment.

So I’ve taken to just NOT REACTING to his shenanigans. When he passes by I’m suddenly engrossed in what's on my screen or what's on my desk. (I’ve noticed he'll still try to talk to me if I look like I’m on the phone so that tactic doesn’t work too well.) Or I’ll give him a quick nod/smile/hello and immediately turn my attention to something else. PROLONGED EYE CONTACT IS BAD.

My counterattack seems to be working, but barely. We’ll see. My question is: whose job is it to tell him to stop being a doofus? That this kind of thing is only cute when the Office Max guy does it in the commercial?? That throwing sound effects all around the office and doing the cabbage patch in the corridors isn’t cute? Who’s going to tell him to SIMMER DOWN, NOW?? Because this is ridiculous.
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Subject:alvin ailey dance performance
Time:01:20 pm

so, i have to see an alvin ailey performance before the year is out. and they're in NY so really I could just GO

it's been in the back of my mind for a long time but over the weekend i saw some of my friend's pics (knew her in high school, she dances with Dance Afrika) and I was once again impress w/ how powerful and beautiful these dancers look when they're in their element!! So I need to go to a show.
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Time:09:18 am
I usually don't shout my spirituality from the mountaintops but I read this this morning and for some reason it seemed especially touching.

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Subject:my fabulous salad, my $6.99 lunch
Time:03:57 pm
you know how they say if you do 21 days it becomes a habit? well, this has never worked for me, except when it comes to this salad i keep having for lunch (at least on the days i go to work).

the plain, basic, must haves:

green leafy stuff (usually romaine letter or that mesclun mix)

cucumbers (why does the deli cut out the middle part where the seeds are? nothing wrong with that part...)

tomatoes, cherry or chopped

carrots, shredded

must haves but usually not all at once:


grilled chicken


munster cheese

apple pieces

and the secret weapon: MANDARIN ORANGE PIECES, which is what I credit with curing me of wanting salad dressing

once i tried those roasted pepper things but they were VILE, so, never again

all this + a can of canada dry seltzer water at the deli 2 blocks up the road for $6.99
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Time:10:39 am
after a very long weekend that included painting my dad's tenant's filthy kitchen, i'm back at work trying to do the damn thing.

with regard to the painting, the tenants are nice people BUT they both smoke like 613 packs a day and apparently fry EVERYTHING so the coat of grime and buildup on their walls and ceiling was, in a word, unbelievable. simply applying soap and water made it look like an almost brand new paint job. but we painted anyway. and their kitchen is not small. at least i got to work out my arms.

speaking of working out, i'm back on track (or at least I THINK I am, it may be too soon to tell) after having binged myself into a FOUR POUND WEIGHT GAIN what with all the cheese, pastries, candy, and panckaes that invaded my diet in the past 2 weeks. no panic though, I'll just work it off.

i think what happened was that my favorite Turbo Jam routines were getting boring but none of my other routines are as fun (i tried and just couldnt get into them enough to get through) so ... yeah... along came munster cheese.

but as of now i'm SAVING MYSELF FOR THANKSGIVING. it's the only time of year I get to eat turkey.

my mechanic, whom i havent seen in months, gave me the creepy leer and "so, what happened? you took off some of the weight?" comment. now, it's good that people notice! but only people who have a reason to notice should notice! one thing about jamaicans though, they wont hesitate to comment on your shape -- whether you've gotten fat or slim -- just as casually as if it's the weather.

i'm going to try and round up the siblings one more time to a movie. i wont hold my breath that they'll all show up.

i got a 20% home depot coupon on ebay. if that thing works... hallelujah ... i just may be able to afford those damn countertops.

also, kisha is like 7 months pregnant. of course i remember the official "we're pregnant" announcement like 6 months ago but, did i block it out or something???? is it because she's way out in only-god-knows-where, texas? yeah, i'll blame it on texas.

also, someone commented on one of my myspace pictures. that made me realize: what if i actually meet anyone who saw those pictures first? i've picked up a lot of blemishes and acne scars in the past month or two. my skin wont be pretty again for a while! have i mentioned that i'm apparently sensitive to my own sweat? is that possible? when i work out the sweat makes my face itch! i end up breaking out! my friend thinks it's toxins being released? sure, i want whatever toxins that may be in there to come out but not at the expense of being scarred. not good!!
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Subject:space, the final frontier
Time:12:39 pm

damn, if i had $20M lying around I would be a space tourist, too...

I hope I am reincarnated when this kind of thing is as mundane as taking the subway to Times Square
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[icon] Notes From the Present Incarnation
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